Introduction & Overview

What Is the App Market Analyzer?

Like SEO (search engine optimization) for websites, ASO (app store optimization) in Google Play can be a mysterious beast. Unlike the iOS App Store where you can specify keywords to help steer your apps’ ASO, in Google Play all you get is a description and title box, which makes ranking a guessing game.

Many app metric tools fail because they are not able to use the available information at hand to give valuable insights into the app market. This is where the App Market Analyzer shines.

This powerful analysis tool is able to look at all the available data and put it into an easy-to-understand format so you can make informed decisions when it comes to:

  • Improving your own ASO
  • Understanding your competitor apps
  • Finding out what works and what does not
  • Innovating & improving based on customer reviews
  • Finding new app ideas based on current trending apps


Who created the App Market Analyzer?

App Market Analyzer is a product created by Matthew Rohr from, an avid internet entrepreneur & developer. Matthew has been involved in both Android and iOS app development for the last five years and has developed many successful apps, websites and software.


What Tools Come With the App Market Analyzer?

While no-one knows the exact algorithms that Google employs for ranking apps (much like their SEO ranking algorithms in the website world), we are given lots of hints. The App Market Analyzer is able to use what is publicly available to estimate many features that our competitors don’t do well or even do at all.

Trending Analyzer
Tools to help you analyze the current app market & to get app ideas for your next project:

  • Rankings, Position Changes & Trends
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Trending Chart Averages
  • Fastest Falling & Rising Apps
  • App Monetization Strategies, Ratings, Installs and More, In One View
  • App Publisher Skinning Checks

App Profile Insights
This tool is your ASO key to success. View competitors or your own apps and find ways to improve your ASO or get an edge over a competitor:

Keyword Research Tools
This is what helps set the App Market Analyzer apart. This tool employs powerful logarithms for analyzing keywords in the current app market:

  • Top Ten Competitor Apps For a Keyword
  • SUPPLY Calculation – Estimate of how saturated the market is with apps relevant to this keyword.
  • DEMAND Calculation – Estimate that determines if there is a market for apps relevant to this keyword.
  • COMPETITION Score –  Determines how easy it is to rank in the top ten for this keyword.
  • ROI (return on investment) Score – Final tally that takes the SUPPLY, DEMAND, COMPETITION and a few additional factors to give a final overall logarithmic score for this keyword.

Favorites Box
What tool is complete without the ability to save your favorite items? The App Market Analyzer allows you to save all your favorite Keywords or Apps in one easy-to-reference location.


Why Was the App Market Analyzer Created?

Whether you are re-skinning an app or building one from scratch, doing the proper market research & analysis can be the difference between success and failure. And that failure can equate to lots of wasted time and $.

Intelligence is the key to winning any battle, and it’s no different when you are trying to create a piece of software, a website or an app. If there is no market or the market is saturated, then you may be wasting your time. Without the proper tools to help determine these important metrics, you will be shooting in the dark.

Matthew had found some good online services that seemed perfect until he wanted to delve into anything related to the Google Play market. Most of the online app market analyzing services have amazing tools when it comes to investigating the iOS market, but there is a severe lack of Android market analyzers.

Thus, the powerful App Market Analyzer software was created out of frustration at the lack of availability of good quality metric analyzing tools for the app market.


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