How To Use A Proxy With The App Market Analyzer


We are proud to announce the latest feature for the App Market Analyzer; the ability to use a proxy!


What is a Proxy?

To put it simply, proxies allow anonymity between you and a website, network connection or a server you are trying to call.  Naturally when browsing the Internet some sites will track your  location by IP address.  By using a proxy you can spoof your IP address to make it look like you’re in a different location.  If privacy is a concern, proxies are the way to go.


Do I Need To Use a Proxy?

You do not need a proxy to use the App Market Analyzer!   But if you would like to use a proxy, that option has been specifically built-in to handle the more intense page requests  (complex fetches).

The App Market Analyzer is basically a glorified web browser specializing in the analysis of the app market.  To do this properly, the software will pull data from multiple sources and one of those sources is Google Play.  If too many requests are being made to their web pages, they may see it as something more hostile than natural web browsing.  This could result in a temporary ban on your IP address (very rare), seeing Captchas or just give a blank result pages.   Measures have been put into place to help prevent this from happening but the only are way to prevent this issue for sure is to use a Proxy.


Setting Up The App Market Analyzer To Use a Proxy

Using a proxy with the App Market Analyzer is easy to set up.  You will need:

  • Proxy IP Address
  • Proxy Port
  • User Name (optional)
  • Password (optional)

Open up the App Market Analyzer and click on the settings gear toward the top right part of the screen.

Using A Proxy Step 1

Using A Proxy Step 1


Once you have opened up the setting panel, scroll to the bottom to the “Use A Proxy” setting.  Click the On/Off switch to turn on using proxies.

Using A Proxy Step 2

Using A Proxy Step 2


Enter  your proxy credentials.  Some proxy services will give you a username and password to use, if not, keep these forms blank.

Using A Proxy Step 3

Using A Proxy Step 3


The last step is to test the proxy.  Simply hit the ‘Test Proxy’ button.

Using A Proxy Step 4

Using A Proxy Step 4

It is very important to make sure your proxy works before doing any work.  In our experience, most proxy packages will include many ‘duds’ that don’t work properly.  You will get what you pay for.


Where To Buy Proxy Servers

There are LOTS of different places to buy proxies online.  Usually they come in either one of two flavors, dedicated or shared proxies.   Shared proxy servers are just that, while you have paid for the proxies, they are being shared by other people.  This can lead to intermittent issues.  This is the same with using public proxies.

It’s best to use a dedicate proxy where you are the only individual with access.  Most online services will sell the use of a proxy for about $1 apiece, per month.

Proxy servers we have used in the past and recommend:

App Market Analyzer : 10 Day Free Trial

App Market Analyzer Software Box

Thats OK, I dont like free stuff