How To Upgrade Your License


To begin to upgrade a license,  log into your account page on My Account, locate the purchase record for the product you wish to upgrade and click on View Licenses on the right side of the screen.

App Market Analyzer Upgrade - Step 1

App Market Analyzer Upgrade – Step 1


If your license key has upgrades available for it, a View Upgrades link will be displayed on the right side. Click this link to see the available upgrade options.

App Market Analyzer Upgrade - Step 2

App Market Analyzer Upgrade – Step 2


The total cost of the license upgrade will be displayed next to each upgrade option. Click on Upgrade License to proceed to the checkout screen where you can complete the purchase.

App Market Analyzer Upgrade - Step 3

App Market Analyzer Upgrade – Step 3


Once you have completed the upgrade purchase, your license will be upgraded.  Shut down your instance of the App Market Analyzer and restart it.  If you upgraded from Standard to PRO, you should see the logo change (plus additional features being unlocked).

App Market Analyzer Upgrade - Step 4

App Market Analyzer Upgrade – Step 4


Common Upgrade Questions

Can I get a discount or have my price prorated?
From time to time we do give out discount coupons that can be used for upgrades as well as new purchases.  Keep your eye on our newsletter!

Your upgrade will always be prorated based off of what your original purchase price was.  So if you paid $77 for the Standard license and upgraded to the $299 License, you will only have to pay $222.

Which licenses can be upgraded?
Currently the only upgrade path available is moving from  ‘Standard’ to the ‘Pro – One Time Payment’ license.  All other upgrades/downgrades need to be completed by submitting a Support Ticket.

Will I need to reinstall after an upgrade?
Nope.  After you finish going through the upgrade process on the website, you will need to restart the App Market Analyzer on your computer.  Your App Market Analyzer installation is smart enough to understand things of this nature and will automatically adjust itself.

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