How To Renew an Expired License Key


You may renew the license key you have without having to buy a new key.

Your first notice that your license is going to expire should come in your email, sent to the address you used when you purchased the license. Your email reminder that your license will expire contains a link to the App Market Analyzer checkout page with cart contents and license key information pre-filled for a renewal, so that you can simply check out.

If you don’t have that email there are two other options available to you.  One is to log into your App Market Analyzer account page.  Below you can see an example of an expired license with a link to renew.  That link goes to the Checkout page with your information all pre-filled for an easy process.

App Market Analyzer Renew - Step 1

App Market Analyzer Renew – Step 1



Additionally you can simply go to the Easy Digital Downloads Extensions page and add the product to your cart as if it were a new purchase.  Then when you go to check out there’s an option to enter your previous license key.  Example below.

App Market Analyzer Renew - Step 2

App Market Analyzer Renew – Step 2


When you click it it will look like this:

App Market Analyzer Renew - Step 3

App Market Analyzer Renew – Step 3

All renewal discounts will be automatically applied and your key will be immediately valid after purchase.

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