Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can!  Please visit https://www.appmarketanalyzer.com/free-trial/ and follow the instructions.  You do not need a license key to activate the free trial.

The free trial is 10 days after which you will need to input a license key to continue.

Have Fun!

The following are required:

  • Windows® 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • High Speed Internet Connection.

This product is meant to be installed on your computer and used.  It is not a web service.

Not at this time, but if interest continues well look into it creating a native solution.

For now you can install a free emulator such as Virtual Box or a paid emulator like VMware Fusion to run App Market Analyzer from a Mac.

You get three licenses upon your initial purchase.  You are allowed to install this software on to three different computers.

Right now we are only pulling data from the Google Play store.

An iOS App store integration is coming soon.

Please visit My Account  and log in using the Username and Password you gave during the original purchase.

You can upgrade under the following conditions:

  • From Standard to Pro One Time Payment

Currently upgrading from Standard to Pro Recurring is not supported.

Will I need to reinstall after an upgrade?
Your App Market Analyzer installation is smart enough to understand things of this nature and will automatically adjust itself.

Additional upgrade instructions can be found here: Upgrading Your License

Recurring subscriptions are handled by PayPal and can be canceled done through This Link.

Step by Step instructions can be found here: Canceling Your Recurring Subscription

Whatever time you had left on your license will continue and auto expire when your next payment should have been due.

Please check out this Blog Post for step by step instructions.

Please check your SPAM folder in your email to ensure that your purchase receipt (which has your license key) did not get mis-filed.

If you still cannot find it, please open a Support Ticket and we can resend it.

Were sad to see you go  ;  (

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying the App Market Analyzer, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Just email us at support@appmarketanalyzer.com or open a support ticket.

Please include your EMAIL address used for the purchase.

This could have been caused by a networking connection issue or an internal error, please restart the App Market Analyzer and try again.  If this persist, please open a Support Ticket.

The beauty of the App Market Analyzer is the ability to get a full analysis of the current market for an app type, all in one table view.  Complex searches give additional insights that a standard search does not.

Complex searches involve compiling all known information of an app from various app profiles.

This requires many calls to the App Store to get all this information which can be time consuming if you have a slow internet connection.

We recommend a connection of at least 1MB for complex searching and ensure caching is enabled.

Please open a Support Ticket and let us know!

This is most likely due to a HTML change within the app store which affects how the App Market Analyzer can find and parse data for analysis.

Not a problem!  Please open a Support Ticket and well get back to you as soon as we can.

App Market Analyzer : 10 Day Free Trial

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