Customized Columns For App Market Research – New Feature


App Market Analyzer has a new feature that will make app market research even easier; customized columns.

Now you can choose which columns you want to see in all your app marketing research!

Sure it sounds simple, but this powerful new feature will help you fine tune the App Market Analyzer towards your own research needs.  The App Market Analyzer can be used in several different ways and sometimes you don’t need every feature presented, only the ones important for the task at hand.


What Columns Can I Customize?

The columns that you can choose to add to your market metric research include:

  • Publisher.  Clicking on the publisher name will do an automatic search for all apps by this publisher.
  • Category.  Category for this app.  This is determined by the publisher when they first upload the APK.
  • Installs.  How many installs this app has listed for it in the public records.
  • App Worth.  The current app valuation in $.
  • Monetization.  This represents the billing model for the app; Free, Free with IAP, Paid or Paid with IAP.
  • Purchase Price.  If this apps billing model is PAID, then a purchase price will be present.
  • IAP Options.  If this apps billing model includes IAP (in app purchases) then those will be included.
  • Rating.  The current rating for this app in the store.  Ranked out of five stars.
  • # Of Ratings.  Max number of people who have taken the time to rate this app.
  • Last Update.  The last date this app was updated by the publisher.
  • Title Count.  The character count of the app name.
  • Desc. Char Count.  The character count of the app’s description.


Using Column Customization

To enable this cool new feature or make changes, click on the Settings gear toward the top right part of the screen:

Opening Settings Step 1

Opening Settings Step 1


Next, scroll down within the settings tab to “Column Customization”.

Column Customization Settings

Column Customization Settings


These columns will appear in your favorites, trending analysis, app general searches, and keyword research.

Column Customization Market Research

Column Customization Market Research


Column Customization Caveats

This new feature works best for larger screens or high resolutions.  We wrestled back and forth with how to present as much app marketing research as possible without cluttering the up the screen too much.  In the end we designed around mid to high level screen resolutions.

But not to worry, even if you want to enable all the metric columns and have a smaller screen, there is a horizontal scroll bar included that will allow you to see the whole picture.


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