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Selling an App Idea

So you just had an app idea that will change the world and now you need to know how to sell an app idea to make your millions.  But first, lets get organized and think through some simple practical steps. Make a Plan If you have not done so all-ready, you will need to make a

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It happens to us all, sometimes in the shower and sometimes driving, lighting strikes with a resembling, “I have an idea for an app that will make a million dollars!”.   As the idea matures and grows into a breathing living world of it’s own, you get more and more exited but at the same

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We are proud to announce the latest feature for the App Market Analyzer; the ability to use a proxy!   What is a Proxy? To put it simply, proxies allow anonymity between you and a website, network connection or a server you are trying to call.  Naturally when browsing the Internet some sites will track your  location

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You may renew the license key you have without having to buy a new key. Your first notice that your license is going to expire should come in your email, sent to the address you used when you purchased the license. Your email reminder that your license will expire contains a link to the App Market Analyzer checkout

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If you are currently on the Pro recurring subscription plan, you may cancel at any time.  Your recurring subscription is set up through PayPal during checkout. You will need to log into that PayPal account and cancel it, unfortunately you are the only one that can do this.   Step By Step Instructions To cancel

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To begin to upgrade a license,  log into your account page on My Account, locate the purchase record for the product you wish to upgrade and click on View Licenses on the right side of the screen.   If your license key has upgrades available for it, a View Upgrades link will be displayed on the right side. Click this link

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