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Selling an App Idea

So you just had an app idea that will change the world and now you need to know how to sell an app idea to make your millions.  But first, lets get organized and think through some simple practical steps. Make a Plan If you have not done so all-ready, you will need to make a

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It happens to us all, sometimes in the shower and sometimes driving, lighting strikes with a resembling, “I have an idea for an app that will make a million dollars!”.   As the idea matures and grows into a breathing living world of it’s own, you get more and more exited but at the same

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After a bout of doing some ASO research with the AMA, I was thinking about the first apps and just how revolutionary apps have changed our lives.  This lead me to the question, what was the first app in the app store?   Even though the term “App Store” is synonymous with the iOS App Store,

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The App Market Analyzer comes with a myriad of powerful tools, and among those is the historical app store rankings charts. You can find the historical chart rankings tool within the App Insights tab.   What Is It? This tool allows us to view past app store rankings for apps in Google Play.   Currently, the App Market

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App Market Analyzer Affiliate Program The App Market Analyzer affiliate program provides website or blog owners with the prospect of referring potential customers to and earning money from initial purchases. We pay our affiliates a 20% commission on each initial purchase.  Payouts are conducted through PayPal.  For instance, if you refer a customer and they spend $100,

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When we first launched the App Market Analyzer we included the ability to track app positions for the top trending charts.  This is cool and all, but what about apps that don’t make it to the trending chart hall of fame?  What if we want to track the ranking of an app by a keyword?

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