Best Tool To Analyze Past App Store Rankings

The App Market Analyzer comes with a myriad of powerful tools, and among those is the historical app store rankings charts.

You can find the historical chart rankings tool within the App Insights tab.

Historical Chart App Rankings

Historical Chart App Rankings


What Is It?

This tool allows us to view past app store rankings for apps in Google Play.   Currently, the App Market Analyzer focuses on two different types of app store rank  tracking.

The first is the ability to view past tracked keywords.  This allows us to track our own app or a competitors ASO progress for a specific keyword.

App Keyword Tracker

App Keyword Tracker


The second kind is the ability to view historical trending chart searches we do in the Trending Analyzer.

The Trending Analyzer has many ways to view trending charts.  You can search by Country, Category and Chart Type (top free, paid, grossing….).  Each and every search you conduct and its unique combination is saved so we can view past results here, in the historical chart rankings tool.

Trending Analyzer Search Options

Trending Analyzer Search Options


How Do Past App Store Rankings Help?

Whether you are trying to rank in one of the many trending charts OR you trying to rank for a specific keyword, having the proper tools to check whether you are being effective or not to reach that goal is imperative.

Standing Out

It can take days, weeks and even months to build an app.  Once the app is built, your next job is to publish it and then start promoting.

The goal is to get your app in the top searches or trending charts and then for customers to click on your app icon to be directed to our profile page. Once they are at the profile page, your screen shots/video take over and try to convince (covert) a customer into installing or buying your app.

So how do you rise above the fluff to get yourself noticed? How do we get our app noticed and hopefully get a conversion?  It all comes down to ASO (app store optimization).

Unfortunately with Google Play,  ASO is not as clean-cut as it can be for iOS apps.  In Google Play we dont get a keyword field, our main ASO tools are the apps Icon, Title and Description fields.  Those more than anything are what will help you rank in the top ten and get a click-through to your app profile.

BUT, much like ASO’s cousin, SEO, tweaking an app to get it to rank high can be like shooting in the dark (thanks Google!).   We have general ideas of what to shoot for, but no one knows the exact target (algorithm).

So you tweak. And tweak some more.  And you keep tweaking your ASO.   When your app starts to move up/down, it’s important to record those positional changes.  This is where the historical chart ranking tool helps.

Being able to historical view an apps performance for a specific keyword or in the trending charts can be helpful to pin point important changes that occurred around that time that caused the shift.

  • We can use these historical results to see if we are being effective with our own ASO tweaks
  • Or we can use the historical results to see how our competition is moving through the stores


How Does It Work?

This is the easy part.  Every trending search you do in the Trending Analyzer gets tracked.  Every keyword ranking check you do gets tracked.  All those results can be reviewed on with this powerful tool.

Step 1.

Do some searches and acquire data!  Track some keywords.  Do some trending analyzer searches.

Step 2.

Next, select a chart type.  The available chart types are dependent on the type of data you have acquired.

Step 3.

If you selected “Keyword Ranking History“, all your tracked keywords will show up in the next drop down list.  Select one to auto load its data into the chart.

If you selected “Top Trending Chart History“, every trending search combination you have researched will show up.  Because of the amount of combinations that can be done in the Trending Analyzer, the available charts to select from can be vast.  That is part of the beauty o the App Market Analyzer, it conforms toward your own search habits.

That’s the historical chart ranking tool in a nutshell.  Being able to view past app store rankings from Google Play can be a powerful and helpful ally in the war of ASO.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them below!


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