App Keyword Rank Checker – New Feature

When we first launched the App Market Analyzer we included the ability to track app positions for the top trending charts.  This is cool and all, but what about apps that don’t make it to the trending chart hall of fame?  What if we want to track the ranking of an app by a keyword?

We are proud to introduce the next major feature for the App Market Analyzer; the keyword ranking system.

This cool new feature allows you to see exactly how an app ranks for any given keyword.  If you have been in the app marketing business for a while you know that like websites, apps need to be fined tuned to rank for specific keywords when someone does a general search in Google Play (or any app store).  This is known as ASO or app store optimization.

While the App Store for IOS devices is a little more clear-cut for the tweaks and changes you need to make to rank, Google Play makes things about as clear as mud when it comes to ASO.  Unlike the App Store, Google Play does not give a keywords field, all you get is a Title and Description field.

Tweaking for perfect ASO is only half of the story, the half is having the proper tool to see if those ASO changes are making a difference.  That is where our keyword rank checker makes life much easier.


How Does the App Keyword Rank Checker Work?

Keyword ranking is app specific.  The goal is to have your app in the top ten of Google Play when someone does a general search using a specific keyword.  To get started, open up an app profile by clicking on the “App Insights” button on the left part of the screen.

Keyword Ranker Step 1

Keyword Ranker Step 1


Do a general search and find the app you’re wanting to check.  This could be your own app or a competitors.  For our example well use the Road Trip Games app.  Once you have found the app, click on its name to open up its profile.

Keyword Ranker Step 2

Keyword Ranker Step 2


Once the app profile is open, scroll down to the section “App Keyword Rank Checker”.  You will notice that a keyword has already been checked and added to your list.  This is the base name of the app you are checking and is added automatically when the app first loads.

Keyword Ranker Step 3

Keyword Ranker Step 3


To check the rank of a keyword for an app, add the keyword into the “Enter a Keyword To Start Tracking” field and click the “Track Keyword” button or hit enter.  Depending on your internet speed, this can take anywhere from a couple seconds to 20 seconds to complete.  Once it has finished you will presented with metric information on how this keyword is currently ranking in the app market.

The results include:

  • Position.  Current app store position for this keyword.
  • Change.  App store position change for this keyword from last recorded position.
  • Keyword.  Currently tracked keyword for this app.  By clicking on this keyword you will open up the keyword research tool that will give additional valuable metrics for this keyword relevant to the current app market.  These include Supply, Demand, Competitiveness and ROI (return on investment) metrics.
  • Last Checked.  Last time this keyword was checked in the app market.
  • Recheck.  Refreshes this keywords data.
  • View Chart.  Loads the historical chart with past positional data for this keyword.
  • Remove.  This will remove this keyword and all its historical positional data from the system.


Checking Past Ranking Results in the Historical Charts

Every time a keyword is refreshed and a position change is detected, its stored in the app profile history.  This allows you to view past store positional changes.   To load this data you can either scroll down to the “Historical Chart Rankings” section and manually load the chart or click on the “View Chart” symbol within the keyword ranking table.

App Keyword Ranker Step 4

App Keyword Ranker Step 4


Keyword Ranking Caveats & Limitations

Checking the rank of an app requires many requests to the app market.  We found that if too many checks were made at a time, the big G would start blocking our page requests.  While we do consider the App Market Analyzer to be a glorified browser specializing in app market research, too many request to any kind of system at one time can look spammy and un-natural.  This is totally understandable, so because of this we had to limit the ability to add/refresh keywords to one at a time.

Depending on the license you have, you will be limited to how many keywords you can check per app.

  • Free Trials can check one keyword in addition to the base word.
  • Standard users can check two keywords in addition to the base word.
  • Pro users can check unlimited keywords.

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